This is powerful, delightful lines, like a violin:)

Light Behind The Cloud ✨

I can go through life
Blissfully unaware,
Of all the strife
That makes people stop and stare,

Aghast at the state
In which our world lies,
Is this to be our fate
Despite all of our tries?


If only I did not know
Of the horrors as such,
About my day I could go
Without worries much,

But I cannot sit still,
Aware of this cruelty,
My thoughts I will fill
Into paper so fluently,

None shall be ignorant,
None shall just lay,
Protect the innocent,
Work hard every day,

Futile passiveness
Will get you nowhere,
So when you spot a mess,
Do not just stand there!

Take active measures,
Benefit the community,
Preserve our treasures,
Uphold our salubrity,

We are one,
And we are whole,
Do not run,
We need control,

Progress together,
Join hands from today,
Assail the blather,
Do not run away.

Defend our integrity,

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