Serenity – simply beautiful lines and wonderful adventure!!

An Enchanted Place

captive sunlight beams

from within delicate spheres

as ephemeral as purest serenity

suspended in careless precision

upon a blade’s edge

It’s been a while since I posted anything more than a wordless photograph on my blog, so I thought it was about time I shared something a little longer. I decided a poem and a bit of a personal update would be the best idea.

Last time I wrote, my sister and I had just learned that our landlord was selling the house and that we needed to find a new place to live. Well, we’re now in our new home, and we’ve settled happily into our new village. I’ve already been on multiple walks, exploring the lanes around and about. I’m looking forward to many more – though I’ve not yet found anywhere quite like the meadow! I’m sure I’ll be posting a fair few photographs over the coming…

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