“Mihran Kalaydjian is a very specially gifted pianist. He has an astonishing insight in music together with deep feeling and a brilliant technique.”

– Christoph Eschenbach

“Mihrankalaydjian’s hands are huge and the fingers with their strength and precision might have been made of steel. He offered a firm, brilliant, sensitive yet emotionally austere performance – a vintage Rachmaninoff.”

– The Jerusalem Post

“…writes with thought-provoking originality.”

– JazzTimes

“Since he was 15 years old, Mihran has been writing his own music -mostly instrumentals for piano, but he;s writing more songs with lyrics and is expanding into orchestra composition as well. His music is gentle and contemplative.”

-Carolyn Lange, West Central Tribune

“And as I surf the net I occasionally come across pianists I really like – and want to share with others. Mihran kalaydjian is such a pianist. His melody, ‘When the Evening Fades’ is something special. Very ‘Wintonesque,’ this one has what I call the ‘x factor,’ that quality you know is there but can’t quite put a finger on.”

-Edward Weiss, Piano Musings

“Mihran has created a melody of peaceful, reflective pieces meant to give glory to God. The pieces are beautifully conceived and composed as well as thoughtfully titled. I will listen to this piano many times. I am sure.”

– Amanda Klingensteing, Associate Professor of Music and Chicago University

“His soaring compositions are reminiscent of snowstorms and waterfalls. His musical expression is at once powerful and melodic.”

– Margaret Herald, Belgium

“Ever stared longingly out the window on a rainy day? No?Well that’s just fine because the music of Mihran Kalaydjian does it for you. His fluid, melancholy piano work works as a veritable shower of sprinkled notes and windswept tempos.”

– Jon Hans, M C M D, Chicago